Provide the best answer to all your question.


Provide the best answer
to all your question


First of all, you must create a personal Cloudmed member account

  • Using the same phone: Log out fromthe previous account and login into the following account.
  • Using different phones: After logging into your account on your mobile phone, you can connect to the iCARE device via Bluetooth. However, when switching to the next user, the previous user mustdisconnect the Bluetooth first, then the next user can connect it.
  • Please completely coverthe thumb or forefinger of both hands on the metal electrode and circular optical sensor of your device.
  • Please check whether Bluetooth is successfully connectedor not.
  • Please adjust the status of your finger bellies. Dry fingertips are likely to affect the data reading.
  • Please do not place too much pressure when measuring, otherwise the microvascular blood of the fingertips will not flow properly, which will affect the reading data.
  • Please check the battery of the iCARE by using the cable to see whetherthe indicator lights up or not. If the indicator is red, it means the device is not saturated.
  • Please check whether the Bluetooth is connected or not.
  • If there is a previous user, please check whether the user has disconnectedthe device or not.
  • Try to stay physically and mentally relaxed, sit with a comfortable position and maintain a stable posture during the measurement.
  • Fingers do not need to be pressed hard, as long as the electrode and sensor are completely covered.

There is no switch for iCARE.It can be used by connecting with the Bluetooth. After the new user gets the product, please confirm the battery and start measuring after charging.

  • Please check whether the micro-USB charging cable is correctly connected with your iCARE.
  • The indicator will also turn off when the device is fully charged.

No. They cannot be done simultaneously. The measured waveform is likely to be disturbed while charging.

  • You can switch to your Facebook account to log in.
  • Since the mobile phone number is entered by different country codes, the first digit 0 of mobile phone number must be removed (Taiwan, Japan, etc.).
  • If the above methods are still not feasible, please makesure to contact us.

In the idle condition, iCARE can be placed for three months with one charge; if the using frequency is higher, the device can be charged once a month.

The system operation needs to be based on the height, weight and actual age as the reference for the normalization of the measured value. Therefore, if there is a change on the body size, please also modify the related information on the APP.

nlike general blood pressure devices, which be returned due to the damage caused by long-term using, iCARE’s correction function mainly corrects the individual base line. The function of iCARE to correct the absolute measurement value can be consistent with the data measured by the instrument used in the original normal state. That is why users can easily find the change of the measurement value with the same base line.

The offline measurement data is only used for current measurement, the value will not be recorded, and the sharing function of report cannot be used. Offline measurement is mainly suitable for person during flight, mountain climbing and at other non-network signal locations, which is convenient for users to carry around and measure everywhere they want.

iCARE is currently available for Android 6.0 and iPhone 7 (included) or above.

ICARE has not yet been equipped with waterproofing so far.

Due to the design of the ICARE does not include a screen, iCARE must be connected with APP to observe the power usage amount.

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